Welcome to Construction Associates LLC

Construction Associates, LLC has been a family owned and operated entity since its’ founding in 1980. Since that time we have provided our services on many projects in multiple markets, ranging in value from $100,000 to $110,000,000.

We have functioned in various capacities over the last thirty years as Clerk of the Works, Owners Representatives, Subcontractors, General Contractors and Construction Managers.

With this experience and vast knowledge we have focused our attention on providing the best Construction Management services possible.

We are well versed in all aspects of the construction industry and we manage success from the ground up. This begins at the inception of design through to completion of the project. We have provided these management services, with great success, throughout New York State and the East Coast.

Many have called Construction Associates “The Great Orchestrator of Achievement,” we prefer to think of it as “all in a days work”. We LISTEN well, ACT decisively and LEAD with confidence.

We are confident that we will continue to perform all duties to the highest standards and in accordance with your expectations and demands.